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Instructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the front office and leave a message, or e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak. Thank you for your understanding and support.
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NamePositionE-mailWeb site
NamePositionE-mailWeb site
Chela Mischke  Art Teacher chela.mischke@wesdschools.org   
Albert Bonaguidi Band Teacher al.bonaguidi@wesdschools.org  
Sandy Rotchford CCK Language Teacher sandra.rotchford@wesdschools.org  
Megan Gray CCK Teacher megan.gray@wesdschools.org  
Greg Nichols Fifth Grade Teacher gregory.nichols@wesdschools.org  
Haley McCormick Fifth Grade Teacher haley.mccormick@wesdschools.org  
Molly Singer First Grade Teacher molly.singer@wesdschools.org  
Irene Blanchard First Grade Teacher irene.blanchard@wesdschools.org  
Genevieve Chairez First Grade Teacher genevieve.chairez@wesdschools.org  
Mark Mezger Fourth Grade Teacher mark.mezger@wesdschools.org  
Dawn Nelson Fourth Grade Teacher dawn.nelson@wesdschools.org  
Geraldine Wong Gifted Teacher geraldine.wong@wesdschools.org  
Audrey Griffin Kindergarten Teacher audrey.griffin@wesdschools.org  
Brittany Diatte Kindergarten Teacher brittany.diatte@wesdschools.org  
Audrey Hess Kindergarten Teacher audrey.hess@wesdschools.org  
Shasteen Murphy Library Technician shasteen.murphy@wesdschools.org  
Jennifer Madruga Music Teacher jennifer.madruga@wesdschools.org  
Andre Murillo P.E. Teacher andre.murillo@wesdschools.org  
Terri Barraco Reading Intervention Teacher teresa.barraco@wesdschools.org  
Lacey Broyles Resource Teacher lacey.broyles@wesdschools.org  
Alexis Bellissimo Resource Teacher alexis.bellisimo@wesdschools.org  
Stacia Moore Second Grade Teacher stacia.moore@wesdschools.org  
Kailey Molina Second Grade Teacher kailey.molina@wesdschools.org  
Ritchie Iafrate Sixth Grade Teacher ritchie.iafrate@wesdschools.org  
Michael Plutschuck Sixth Grade Teacher michael.plutschuckjr@wesdschools.org  
Diane Dunou Sixth Grade Teacher diane.dunou@wesdschools.org  
Bonnie Nalley Special Needs Preschool Teacher bonnie.nalley@wesdschools.org  
Jackie Fortin Special Needs PreSchool Teacher jackie.fortin@wesdschools.org  
Macy Tyler Third grade Teacher macy.tyler@wesdschools.org  
Collette Miller Third Grade Teacher collette.miller@wesdschools.org  
Ashley McLaughlin Third Grade Teacher ashley.mclaughlin@wesdschools.org  
Emma Williams Third Grade Teacher emma.williams@wesdschools.org  
Showing 32 items